I recently got into geocaching and I love it!  If you’re not sure what geocaching is, head on over to their website and check it out.  While you’re there, you can read up on my profile as well.

Below are several shots of me at some of my finds.  I like having my photo taken with the cache as a reminder of my adventures.  This first one is from a cache I found called “Das Boot”.  I liked this cache.  It was cozy.


I’m a little hard to see in this next photo.  I am small, after all!  My geocaching partner actually stuffed me into the container for this photo!  I didn’t want to go, but he’s a lot bigger than I am, and I really didn’t have much choice!  To be honest, I didn’t really mind, but don’t tell him!

This cache is no longer available to find.  It was in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, but the head ranger decided he didn’t like geocaches, so he sent out people to remove steal all the geocaches.  He didn’t even give the owners warning or time to remove them.  How rude!


Last time I was out geocaching, I made a new friend!  As I approached the cache, I saw this little reign deer sitting on a rock next to the cache.  We hit it off right away.  He told me that he spends his days guarding the geocache, which doesn’t get many visitors.  We talked and talked.  He told me about his life up north where it’s winter and snowy almost all the time.  Personally, I like it down here in SoCal, where it’s warm most of the year.  When it was time to go, I invited him home with me, but he declined.  He said he has a job to do and he isn’t the kind of guy to just take off when the going gets tough (or lonely).


Well, there you have it!  My first report on geocaching.  I’m sure I’ll be out again real soon, so until then, cache on!


The Desert

I went to the desert. I love the desert! The wide open spaces, the solitude, the strange plant and animal life. I fit right it! Here’s a photo of me climbing an Ocotillo. It’s unusual to see them with leaves. The big thorns make the climbing easy, but you better watch out. They are very sharp!


 After exploring the Ocotillo, I went on to find a huge field of yellow flowers. I like flowers. They make me happy. I like yellow too. It’s my favorite color. Except for brown. And blue. And green. But not pink.


I also found some lichen growing on a rock. It was yellow too, which made my happy. Notice that bit of orangeish brown color. Yup, I did too.